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Laying the foundations to a safe riding career.

Here at Tablelands Rider Training, we provide you with all the insight and skills you need to ensure your time on two wheels is not only safe, but enjoyable.

Whether just starting out or looking to upgrade your current motorcycle licence, Tablelands Rider Training will have you out and enjoying the amazing roads we have in our beautiful region in no time!

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Who Are We?

Family owned and operated, Tablelands Rider Training is the brain child of Matt Cairns and his wife Julia .

A Malanda local, Matt has obtained years of experience riding motorcycles both local, and further abroad, and enjoys nothing more than exploring the unknown with his daughter Emily-Jane on the back of the bike.

The Tablelands' ONLY local Q-RIDE provider, Matt is here to help you achieve your goal of obtaining your motorcycle licence and get you riding both safely and with the skills and  confidence required to do it effectively.


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